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I love quality music and video! That is why I provide services helping you to retain your favorite music, video and memories, for many years to come.

-Digital Transfer and Re-mastering-

I can transfer your favorite music, upgrade the sound quality and produce a custom Archive Grade Master CD - playable on any CD player, DVD player, and most computer optical drives - allowing you to save and enjoy your favorite music in one or more convenient formats, with the peace of mind that they are not in danger of deteriorating anymore.

Going digital with your collection frees your ability to transfer your files to the device of your choice. Finally you will be able to take your favorite album (vinyl Lp record, cassette tape, 8-track cartridge, etc.) on your next fishing trip, listen to it in the airport, or jam on the way to work!

Just send me - local pickup/delivery recommended where applicable - your beloved Cassette tapes, LP Records, 45s, Reel to Reels and you will receive back a custom CD with jewel case and artwork. I can incorporate your own pictures into the artwork at your request. The CD's are Taiyo Yuden-Archival Grade Master CDs. They are recognized as the industry leader in optical media and guarantee these discs to last 100 years and more. Each disc holds 80 minutes of music and is recorded (burned) in real time-1x. This requires more time than quick computer burning, but yields a much higher quality recording with less errors.
Along with the disc(s), I can transfer your master into various different file types (.mp3, FLAC, .wma, etc.) and sizes, allowing you to easily to share them on social media sites, or send them via e-mail.

-Original Tracking and Mastering-
Have you recorded something amazing and need help with your mastering? Need a place to record and produce your work? I specialize in producing warm, fat sound! I will produce CD-R of your work, which (of course) will play in virtually ANY CD or DVD player.

Need video?
Everyone has a box of VHS recordings they have to carry from house to house, only seeing the light of day when there is a move. These memories are often lost as new consumer electronic technologies become prevalent. They, like cassette tapes, can deteriorate from just sitting in a box. That is why saving videos digitally is making all the difference in preserving these memories.

I can work with you to edit your VHS captures down to a single DVD (playable on any DVD player and most computer drives) to show the way your family has evolved over the years, or to simply share the memories of a particular event.
Do you have concert videos or band videos on VHS, but the sound quality is less than spectacular? I can achieve surprising results, even on videos with the audio recorded by a simple camcorder microphone.
Now is the time to let Holtz Media Solutions transfer them to digital for you.

If you wish to have artwork designed for your jewel case/DVD box insert and disc label, it is very advantageous if you supply the raw materials, i.e. files, pictures, flyers, album covers, clippings, or anything else that can be scanned, so I have an idea and somewhere to start. If you haven't anything, then I can design inserts and labels from the ground up, but that obviously takes more time to complete.

Flexible Pricing
The more transfers, the less you pay per transfer. Have a huge collection? Contact me l and I will quote you a price. How valuable is your collection to YOU and what are you willing to pay? Offer ME a quote and we can negotiate. Saving your irreplaceable collection is valuable to ME, so I will be flexible in working with you towards the ultimate goal of making sure that you have all of your priceless memories on CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs, or in other digital files formats, so you can play and share them anytime - anywhere.

• Analog to Digital Transfer, Restoration, and Mastering
• Cassette, micro-cassette, reel-to-reel, and 8-track tapes to CD or other digital file format
• 33-1/3rpm LP and 45rpm vinyl records, and 78rpm records to CD or other digital file format
• VHS/VHS-C, Video8/Hi8, and MinDV tapes to DVD, Blu-ray, or other digital file format
• 24 bit/96kHz A/D Conversion
• Orange Book compliant CD-R
• Custom graphics for CD/DVD/Blu-ray jewel case inserts available
• Analog recording and production services
• Audio archiving and restoration
• Misc. repair and calibration

Did I mention I drum?
• Drumming service -- Sorry, but I never turn down an opportunity to pick up my sticks. Do you have a project that needs real, live drums? I would love to hear what you have and see what I can do.

"Eric Holtz has been involved with music from a very early age. He is experienced with a variety of instrumentation and is a prolific drummer. He has had 25 years of experience in the music recording industry in both an industry professional and consumer role, building a large collection of recording and mastering equipment and a breadth of knowledge." -testimonial

I stand behind the quality of everything that leaves my hands.
You will be very happy with the quality and service you receive or I will make it right - PERIOD!
Eric Holtz - Engineer/Musician/Proprietor

351 N.E. Crescent Avenue
Suite 3A
Peoria, Illinois 61606

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